2015 Reunion  --  2015 Reunion Brochure


Sharon Swayze Gleason and her brother Kevin Swayze from New York. They descend from Barnabas Swayze, brother of  Rev. Sam Swayze.  Barnabas' grandson Daniel went to Canada as other Swayzes went to Mississippi. They attend annual Swayze reunions held on the 2nd weekend in June in Ontario. Their group has a Facebook page.


On Saturday morning K C Swayze discussed Underground Gardens and Homes of the 1960's, about working with his brother Jay Swayze building an underground home for the 1964 New York Worlds Fair, 1964 Newspaper article.

During the genealogy workshop Gary ONeal shared tips on re-creating his ancestor, Richard Swayze, Becomimg Your Ancestor--Realizing the Past in the Present. He emphasized including the historical context, going beyond merely names and dates, in which his ancestor lived. Gary in 2011.
Polly Tarver Scott, Vice President of Genealogy, is a walking encyclopedia of everything Jersey Settlers. She recalls attending reunions from her early childhood and learning of her ancestry from all of her grandparents. Polly leads the annual genealogy workshop for our reunions.




The Genealogy section of the George W. Armstrong Library in

Natchez has been named as the Ella McCaleb Young 

Genealogy Room in honor of her many years of documenting

Jersey Settlers and their descendants. Ella is a another

walking encyclopedia of everything Jersey Settlers.




On Sunday morning Ann

Severance shared the video

prepared by her nieces and

nephew during the 2014

reunion in which they

interviewed many DJS

members about their

ancestry. Screen shot of

Frank Swayze, past


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