Danni Compton Weatherly at King's Tavern - April 23, 2016



danniAt King's Tavern in Natchez, Danni Compton Weatherly presented Major  Richard King: The Real Man Behind the Legend of Madeline's Murder. Richard King, original owner of Kings Tavern, the oldest standing building in Natchez, was Danni’s paternal fourth great grandfather. One of the original Jersey Settlers, Richard (1760-1815),  was born in New Jersey and came to the Natchez Territory with his parents Justus King and Sarah "Sallie" Swayze King and his siblings. Richard married Esther Cobun in 1786 in Natchez Territory.  Richard was also first owner of Oakwood Plantation near Kingston which he sold to the Sojourner family in 1814. Richard and Esther's son Samuel King inherited the tavern which he then sold to a Postalwaith family.     

Dannie descends from Richard and Esther's son Captain William King (1788-1835)  and Jane Madison Armstrong. About 1820 the Kings moved from Natchez to Claiborne County & established "Buckhorn Plantation" of about 1000 acres which remained in the family until the 1980's. Buckhorn was next door to the famous home "Windsor" which is now a ruin since it burned in the 1870's.

Another of Richard and Esther's sons was Major Richard King, Jr. (1798-1866). His wife Laura and children had a tragic experience on a steamboat on the Mississippi River.  Scroll down this page to see Laura's 1848 obituary.


And another of Richard and Esther's sons was Justus Coburn King and wife Jane Eliza Gormley.  Their descendants include Roland Beard and first time attendee Sam Salyer. Photo: Sam, Mike Z, Sudie, Roland. 

Mike Zeisset descends from Caleb King (1743-1820), brother of Justus King. Mary Swayze (Caleb's wife) & Sarah Swayze (Justus’ wife) were daughters of Richard Swayze and Hannah Horton. 




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