Rachel Swayze Bell O'Connor 

Rachel Swayze Bell O’Connor [1774-1846] was a granddaughter of Rev. Samuel Swayze through his son Stephen Swayze

and wife Rachel Hopkins.

She first married Richard Bell and had a son Stephen.  Next she married Hercules O’Connor and had a son James.

When Rachel’s father Stephen Swayze died, the widow Rachel Hopkins Swayze married William Weeks.

They had a son son David,1786 -1834. 


Mistress of Evergreen Plantation contains letters of Rachel Swayze Bell  O’Connor written to her younger half-brother David Weeks.

Rachel O’Connor’s Evergreen Plantation was next to Oakley Plantation a bit north of St. Francisville, LA.

Rachel of Old Lousiana is a biography by Avery O. Craven. 

An article about Rachel in the KnowLA Encyclopedia of Louisiana.

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