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The original village was developed around a blockhouse and was called Jersey Town until about 1777, when Caleb King, son-in law of Richard Swayze, laid out lots around his plantation home and named the place Kingston. Here is a short history of early Kingston. 1813 Kingston Plat Map.  "Kingsville" in 1820.

Our Settlement Story by Karen O'Neal in Country Roads Magazine, 2014
Natchez Democrat interview with Gary O'Neal and Polly Tarver Scott, 2014  
Early Settlers & Some of Their Ancestors 


Some Descendants of Jersey Settlers 


Early Ancestors & Their Descendants who did NOT come to Misssissippi







·       Will of Judge Samuel Swayze 1759, Morris County, New Jersey

·       Tory cousins: Caleb Swayze Sr. (son of Judge Sam) and sons Caleb Jr. & Isaac. More about Isaac.

·       Swayze Cemetery Restoration Project, Hope, New Jersey; Friends of Swayze, Inc.  

·       William Henry Seward (1801-1872), great-grandson of Judge Samuel Swayze through his daughter Mary Swayze Seward. Senator, Governor, Secretary of State who purchased Alaska - "Seward's Folly"

  • Aaron C. Swayzee (1817-1876), descends from Barnabas Swayze, son of Judge Samuel Swayze. Swayzee, Indiana.
  • John Cameron Swayze (1906-1995) broadcaster, descends from Barnabas Swayze, son of Judge Samuel Swayze
  • Four US Presidents descend from John Swasey & Katherine Kinge  [2 Harrisons, Taft, Harding] 
  • New Jersey Vietnam Memorial Wall of Faces: Joseph J Swayze & Richard D Swayze ; Traced Joseph's father Daniel B. Swayze back to mid-1800’s in Chester, NJ; Richard descended from Barnabas Swayze, brother of Rev. Sam & Richard
  • Some Frank Swayze lookalikes. 
  • Jason Clarke Swayze, newsman, publisher  (Great-Great Uncle of past president/cousin Frank Swayze—descends from Judge Samuel's son Israel Swayze who stayed in NJ)


Resources--Louisiana & Texas

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